DISHES-SWEETMEAT (4 Level Stack, Brass Ring)

Description: These sweetmeat stacks are in the Canton pattern absent the rain cloud border. We have not seen any with that feature and the set in Herbert Schiffer's book does not have the rain cloud border either. The covers have a brass ring that is bolted through a hole and secured by a screw inside. Each piece in the stack had twisted brass handles on the sides. Each piece fits into the one below and are easily stackable. What is interesting is that all the bottoms are glazed and none have a flat bottom which would indicate it should be the bottom piece. We would like to see more examples to confirm this and that these stacks are only found in 4 tiers. They were used to serve hot foods.    

The first and second pictures show the front and back decoration, the third picture shows the handle sides and the brass ring standing up and with the Campbell soup tin to give perspective. The last picture shows the individual pieces, front left shows a bottom and front right is the cover.

DISHES-SWEETMEAT (Singles, Flat Knob)

Description: These three dishes are single units unlike the Sweetmeat Stacks. They do not stack and they all have unglazed bottoms. All the bottoms have slight rims and in three places the rims are cut out producing three very low wide legs. They also differ in that they have flat, blue painted knobs not brass rings. Another difference is that they have rain cloud borders on the tops, the stack units do not. They were used to serve hot foods.