All Canton Forms Gallery


This is the largest gallery in the Museum as it contains over 215 Canton forms. They are grouped into 43 categories listed on the left side of these pages. To find a form, simply click on the category which you think contains what you are looking for or you may go from page to page as the forms are listed alphabetically or you may use the search function at the top of each page. If you cannot find a form you are looking for or you have any questions you may contact us directly in the Contact Section.

Forms that are in the Very Rare/Unique Gallery, the Graduated Forms Gallery and the Mixed Pattern Gallery are also included in the All Canton forms Gallery.

The Museum is always interested if you have a form or a variation not in the Museum. There are a few unique and very rare forms listed that still do not have pictures. Again, contact us if you can be of help to the museum. Thank you.


Bough Pots are vases that hold cut flowers. They are very rare and, unfortunately, we do not have a picture of an original one or know the exact dimensions of them. However, a picture of a pair is on page 241 of Herbert Schiffer’s 1975 book. The bough pots have a flared top with a square middle section on a stepped base. They are very elaborately decorated with Canton scene panels on four sides and rope like twisted handles on two sides. There are berries or buds on vines all over the pots.


These rare Bulbous Shaped Vases (sometimes called Gu form vase) are highly desirable as they are a useful form for floral displays and mantle piece decorations. Common decoration between these two vases are the “Ming type leaves on the neck” (Schiffer) or Acanthus leaves and the flowers ringing the bases.

Differences between the two are the rain cloud borders inside the top rim and on the lower base on the larger vase whereas the smaller vase has no rain cloud borders but has a curlicue design on the top outside rim. We have not seen this curlicue design on any other Canton forms. “Acanthus” leaves also decorate Canton Water Bottles and Ewers as well as on other Chinese patterns such as Fitzhugh pattern bulbous vases.


Another possibly uniquely shaped vase is this Scallped Rim Vase. This beautifully proportioned, petite 4 5/8″ tall vase has 8 shallow scallops on the rim. Very nicely decorated with a deep blue color. The rain cloud border is around the top of the vase. We have never seen another example in collections or in Canton books.