Also Called :

Cream Skimmer Bowl

Rarity :

Unique/Very Rare

Age :

Early 19th Century

Price Range :


Dimensions :

18″ diameter x 4″ high

Weight :

8 lbs. 13 oz.

Provenance :

Jim Galley, PA-2004

Availability :


Description: This is a very large 18″ diameter and heavy, almost 9 pounds, bowl which was used to skim cream and pour off through the little spout.  It is early and very well decorated. This is a Canton/Nanking cross piece: it has the typical Canton scene without a figure on the bridge but it does have a Nanking border. It also appears in the Mixed Pattern Gallery. The bowl has a 1″ blue rim and a 2 1/2″ wide spout that is 2 1/4″ long. It is decorated on the outside by 3 large flowers. The bottom is unglazed. Out of curiosity, we determined its capacity. It can hold 7 quarts of milk.

Note: both Jane Wilson and Herbert Schiffer picture cream skimming bowls in their publications–page 21 of Wilson’s 1977 booklet and page 80 of Schiffer’s 1975 book (a Fitzhugh example).

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