Also Called :

Sugar Bowls

Rarity :


Age :

Late 19th Century-Early 20th Century

Price Range :


Dimensions :

3 5/8″ diameter x 4 1/8″ tall;  Without top: 3 1/4″ tall

Weight :

Total Weight:  10 oz.;  Top: 2 oz.;  Bowl: 8 oz.

Provenance :


Availability :

1 Available

Description: Canton Sugar Bowls and their accompanying teapots and creamers make up a confusing world in defining the many, many variations to be found. Designations that have come into common useage will be physical descriptions of the bowls such as “Drum Shape”, “Pear Shape”, “Ball Shape”, “Barrel Shape” and “Conical Shape”. In buying any sugar bowl make sure the top fits well.

This late Tapered Ball Shaped sugar bowl has a rain cloud border only on the top, has bamboo handles, and a pointed blue knob. It is earlier than some sugar bowls but not earlier than the twisted handled bowls. The bottom is glazed and the top fits into an inset rim. The top has a deep flange to prevent falling out.  We have never seen a matching teapot or creamer for this sugar bowl.

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