Bulb Trays


We originally thought the first boat shaped bulb tray we saw was unique until we found a second one and heard of two others. One of these others is of a smaller size and is shown on the right here. They are not illustrated in either Jane Wilson’s or Herbert Schiffer’s books. Their most likely use was as bulb trays because of their depth. These trays did not have covers, there are no inset rims.


Believed to be unique and used as a bulb tray. It is not illustrated in either of Jane Wilson’s or Herbert Schiffer’s books. This elaborately shaped and difficult to make octagonal tray has curved rims in the corners. Cachpots would have held round pots which would not have been suitable for this form. It would have held dirt or pebbles in which bulbs/plants would have been grown.


Although rare, these Rectangular Bulb Trays are more common than the other very rare/unique types: the boat shaped and octagonal bulb trays. Over the years, these trays because of their mould-like shape were also thought to be used to hold ice cream. However, the other two types would not have been used for that purpose. These bulb trays are useful in several ways and are very popular and expensive.