Extremely rare if not unique is this magnificient pair of deep blue and finely decorated Cachepots. They were bought from Jane Wilson of Old Saybrook, CT in 1966. Warning note: there have been several modern copies made of slightly larger size.

Be sure to see and enlarge the 3rd picture which shows the results of the new owner having planted boxwoods in the Cachpots. Beautifully done!

These extraordinary Cachepots and their stands are hexagonal in shape. The 1/2″ top rims have a 3/16″ wide blue strip in the middle of the rims and there is a 3/4″ diameter hole in the bottoms for drainage. The stands do not have a rain cloud border. Both the pots and the stands have 6 triangular shaped feet each about 1/4″ high and all the bottoms are unglazed.