Here are 5 Spittoons composed of two types. The 3 in the first pictures are earlier and have the typical Canton pattern. These three have the rain cloud border on the wide 2 1/2"--2 3/4" inside of the top lips, they each have a blue band and 4 swastika like symbols under the lips. The 4th & 5th spittoons are very much alike and are of latter manufacture. They replace the rain cloud borders inside the wide lips with 2 sprays of flowers, can you see the birds sitting on the branches in each? The rain cloud borders are barely discernible on the outside of the tiny (1/2") rims. To see the birds and rain cloud borders use the zoom or blowup functions. Also, the swastika like symbols are replaced by typical house & sampan vignettes. Except for the flowers, these spittoons are more poorly painted than the first 3 spittoons. All the spittoons have glazed bottoms and are well designed for their purpose.