Also Called :

Slop Pots, Slop Jars, Waste Jars

Rarity :

Very Rare

Age :

Late 19th Century

Price Range :


Dimensions :

Diameter of the top:

Diameter of the pot’s rim:

Diameter of widest part of pot, not including handles:

Total height is: 8″

Height of bottom is:

Diameter of the bottom’s base is:

Knob is:

Loop handle is:

Weight :

Total Weight:



Provenance :

Pook & Pook-Downington, PA-2013

Availability :

Not Available

Description:  This is a low size (8″ tall) and heavy? (almost ? lbs.) Canton form. It differs from the 2 other single handled chamber pots by having a loop knob, not mushrooom or triangular knobs. This chamber pot has a top that overhangs the bottom, it does not have an inset rim. It has a single tang on the handle like the chamber pot with the triangular knob. It has a bulging side like the triangular knob pot. The bottom is glazed. The simple loop handle and loop knob indicate a late 19th century age.

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