Also Called :

Egg Cups, Cordial Cups

Rarity :


Age :

Mid 19th Century–1920

Price Range :


Dimensions :


1 7/8″–2 1/16″  cup diameter

2 1/4″–2 7/8″  height

1″–1 13/16″  base diameter

Weight :

Ranges from: 1.5 oz. to 3 oz.

Provenance :

Herbert Schiffer, PA-1966 (1)

1966 (1)

1989 (2)

Gustave White Auction, RI-1989 (5)

1996 (6)

Availability :


Description:  Here are 15 Egg Cups, they range in height from 2 1/4″ to 2 7/8″. See the shortest & tallest in the 3rd picture. They range in weight from 1.5 oz. to 3 oz. All but three have rain cloud borders, all have swastika like symbols on their pedestals, Herbert Schiffer said these symbols appeared on 17th century Chinese porcelain. All but one has a blue ring on the inside of the cups. Some are well decorated (see next to last picture picture) and one has the very late flag decoration (see last picture). Most of these cups are too small to hold today’s larger eggs so they have also been used as cordial cups!

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