Also Called :

Trembleuse, Teacup Tray

Rarity :


Age :

Mid 19th Century to Late 19th Century

Price Range :

$125.-$150. (without cup); $160.-$185. (with cup)

Dimensions :

Type 1-Left:

4 3/4″-4 7/8″ wide x 8 5/8″-8 3/4″ long

Type 2-Right:

4 3/4″-4 7/8″ wide x 8 1/4″-8 3/8″ log

Weight :

Type 1: 9.3-10.4 oz. ———-Type 2: 6.2-7.4 oz.

Provenance :

Type 1-Left:


Type 2-Right: 

Availability :


Sotheby’s, NYC-1965

Description:  There are two types of these Tea & Toast trays: Type 1–these trays are longer and heavier than the Type 2s, they have deeper cup wells, the oval holes at the left ends are larger, the bottoms are decorated with leaves and they have raised glazed bottoms whereas Type 2s are flat bottomed and are unglazed. Both types have scalloped edges and rain cloud borders along the rims. There are three explanations for the holes: a better finger hold at the heavy end, to hang them up on a nail in a cupboard or to dissipate the heat at the holding end where the hot cup would be—take your choice.

“Trembleuse” is a French word for tremble. It is hypothesized that older people with trembling hands would be better able to hold onto these trays and keep the cups from sliding because of the holding wells.

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