Also Called :

Tea Cups, Demitasse Cups

Rarity :


Age :

Mid 19th Century–1920

Price Range :


Dimensions :

Left to Right:

2 1/4″ diameter x 2 3/16″ high

2 1/4″ diameter x 2 2/16″ high

2 1/8″ diameter x 2 1/16″ high

Weight :

Left to Right:  2.1 oz.—–2 oz.—–1.8 oz.

Provenance :


Availability :


Description: Canton Cups and their accompanying Saucers make up a confusing world in defining the many variations/sizes to be found for each. Accordingly, they will be found in separate listings. We will try not to differentiate between coffee, chocolate and tea cups or straight sided cans but will separate out demitasse cups. The Chinese did not have handles on their cups but for export they added them.

The three demitasse cups shown here are distinguished by their inside rain cloud borders, cylindrical shapes and “2 hole handles”. Another difference from other demitasse cups is that the insides have defined flowers instead of just a few hastily drawn paint strokes. They have glazed bottoms and tiny pedestal bases. These three are the only demitasse cups We have seen with rain cloud borders and flowers and are considered rare.

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