Also Called :

Rice Cup

Rarity :

Rare (all 3 pieces)

Age :

Late19th to early 20th Century

Price Range :


Dimensions :

Tops:  3 7/8″ diameter x 1 1/8″ high

Cups:  4 1/4″ diameter x 2″ high

Rings:  4 1/8″ diameter x 1″ high

Total Height-3 pieces:  3 1/2″

Weight :

Tops: 2.3 oz.; Cups: 4.3 oz.; Rings: 4 oz.; Cup & Top: 6.6 oz.; 3 Pieces: 10.6 oz.

Provenance :

Marjorie Hardy, Providence, RI-1966

Availability :


Description:  These are handleless, covered tea or rice cups that sit perfectly into an elevated ring base. The cups are of late 19th century into the 20th century manufacture. The cups and covers have straight line borders which indicate their late manufacture. These two pieces are made of thin delicate porcelain and the decoration is poor. The base ring is quite sturdy and sometimes they are fluted. Besides the borders, the tea houses are elementary and the usual early Canton trees have morphed into what Schiffer calls: “…giant ferns”.

The covers with their circular/round knobs are easy to pick up and act to keep the contents warm. The rings protect table surfaces from the cups’ heat. When turned over they can act as a spoon rest or a saucer. The two shown are typical examples. In the dimensions and weight sections we have just indicated average dimensions and weights. They vary very little. As usual, any 3 piece Canton form where all its components are hoped to be perfect makes collecting harder. Lacking any one of the components affects the value considerably.

Herbert Schiffer has a Rose Medallion example on page 89 of his 1975 book.

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