Also Called :

Butter Pats, Sauce Dishes, Spoon Rests

Rarity :


Age :

Early to Mid 19th Century

Price Range :


Dimensions :

3 1/8″ wide x 4″-4 1/8″ long x 7/8″ high

Weight :

Range: 2.4 oz. to 3.2 oz.

Provenance :


Availability :


Description: So far we have seen 4 different shapes of Butter Pats: square (2), round (4), diamond (1) and quatrefoil (2). The figures in parenthesis indicate significant sub-categories in each shape. The “squares” have two: 3 3/4″ large dishes with no outside decoration & smaller 3″ dishes with 4 flower outside decorations.

The “rounds” have four: heavy 3″ & 3 1/8″ with unglazed bottoms and no rain cloud borders, deep-at least 7/8″ with straight line borders, shallow-under 5/8″ with straight line borders, shallow with bottom markings.

The “diamonds” are only one category.

The “quatrefoils” have two: outside decoration and no outside decoration.

This page discusses the four diamond shape dishes. They are 3 1/8″ wide by 4 to 4 1/8″ long. They are only 7/8″ high. The four are mostly well painted in deep blue, have a partial Canton scene with rain cloud borders. There are no outside decorations and the bottoms are glazed.

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