Also Called :

Butter Pats, Sauce Dishes, Spoon Rests

Rarity :


Age :

Early to End of 19th Century

Price Range :

Top Row: $125.-$150. (Oldest); Bottom Row: $40.-$60. (Later)

Dimensions :

Top Row Left to Right:

3″ diameter x 3/4″ high

3 1/8″ diameter x 3/8″-1/2″ high

Bottom Row Left to Right:

2 3/4″ diameter x 7/8″ high

2 3/4″ diameter x 5/8″ high

2 1/4″ diameter x 5/8″ high

Weight :

Top Row Left to Right: 2.5 oz.—1.5 oz.

Bottom Row Left to Right: 1.4 oz.—1.2 oz.—.7 oz

Provenance :

Top Row Left to Right:

James Julia Auction, Fairfield, ME-1988

Northeast Auctions, NH-1984

Bottom Row Left to Right:

Sotheby’s, NYC & Julia, ME-1965 & 1988

Eldred’s Auction, E. Dennis, MA-2012

Sotheby’s, NYC-1988

Availability :


Description:  So far we have seen 4 different shapes of Butter Pats: square (2), round (4), diamond (1) and quatrefoil (2). The figures in parenthesis indicate significant sub-categories in each shape. The “squares” have two: 3 3/4″ large dishes with no outside decoration & smaller 3″ dishes with 4 flower outside decorations.

The “rounds” have four categories: heavy 3″ & 3 1/8″ with unglazed bottoms and no rain cloud borders, deep-at least 7/8″ with straight line borders, shallow-under 5/8″ with straight line borders, shallow with bottom markings.

The “diamonds” have only one category.

The “quatrefoils” have two: outside decoration and no outside decoration.

This page discusses the four round dish types. Picured first are three heavy and deep (3/4″) 3″ pats and two 3 1/8″ thinner (3/8″-1/2″) pats. Both of these earlier types do not have rain cloud borders but full Canton scenes and they all have unglazed bottoms. The next category are six deep (7/8″), later date, straight line border, thinner porcelain 2 3/4″ pats. Next, are two shallower (5/8″) 2 3/4″ straight line pats. Lastly, pictured are four 2 1/4″ straight line pats that have a Chinese character (see last picture) on each bottom. All but the early pats have glazed bottoms, straight line borders and are made of thinner porcelain. No doubt, there may be more variations of these popular butter pats.

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