Also Called :


Rarity :

Very Rare

Age :

Early to Mid 19th Century

Price Range :


Dimensions :

Top Diameter:  12 1/4″;  Middle Diameter:  15 1/8″;   Height:  18 5/8″

Weight :

40 lbs. 9 oz.

Provenance :

Diane Louv, Refton, PA-1989

Availability :


Description: There are three different Garden Seats: Hexagonal, Barrel shape and 100 Antiques (which is also barrel shaped). This example of a 100 Antiques garden seat is 18 5/8″ tall and it weighs over 40 lbs., heaviest of the garden seats and second only to tanks. Our dog Molly is guarding this unusually decorated seat. The top and two opposite sides have flowered circles with cutouts into the hollow interior. There are also two panels with the Canton scene. The top has the rain cloud border and the bottom is unglazed. Four of the 100 Antiques items such as a scroll decorate near the top and there are 4 others circling the garden seat near the bottom. See four picturers of these items. Herbert Schiffer pictures a seat on page 136 of his book that has only bamboo leaves at the bottom. All garden seats have raised knobs and this seat has 65 knobs. The knobs are both decorative and probably have the function of preventing chips or cracks if they are bumped into.

All garden seats are rare and we would rank them in this rarity order among themselves: Barrel-least rare, Hexagonal next & 100 Antiques the rarest.

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