Gravy Boats

GRAVY BOATS (Double Handle, Matching 4 Lobe Stand)

These gravy or sauce boats are quite attractive with their flowing lines and matching stands. They have double pouring lips as well as two side handles. These round loop handles split into “Y” attachment points. There is very little size differences among the boats and among the stands. Boats and stands have glazed bottoms.

At one time these boats were considered very rare but now we classify them as “rare”. They really are not complete without the matching stands.

GRAVY BOATS (Scallop Rim, Loop Handle)

These three gravy/sauce boats are similar but there are physical and decorative differences. They are approximately the same size. The left boat has 5 very shallow scallops on each side of the rim and it is wider than the others. The other two have pronounced tall scallops. The far right boat has 2 circling thin lines in the interior and the design takes up more space. All three have the rain cloud border on the outside and all the bottoms are glazed. The first two have loop handles and the third has an almost circular handle. I have not seen particular stands associated with these boats and that is why a good case can be made that they are nut dishes.

These are scarce but not rare boats

GRAVY BOATS (Twisted Handle, Leaf Stand)

These triangular shaped, slant sided boats have triangular shaped bases and twisted handles. They generally have similar dimensions but, the 3rd boat is a later, considerably smaller example and is marked: “CHINA”. The stands resemble leafs but are not as exaggerated as the more common leaf dishes with the more curved tips. The boats have glazed bottoms but, all the stands are unglazed.

The boats and stands are considered scarce but not rare.