MUGS-SHAVING (Loop Handle, Bulbous Sided, Flared & Scalloped Rim)

These are very rare mugs, considered to be Shaving Mugs. Their distinguishing characteristics are: a loop handle with one small tang, non-straight bulbous sides, and a slightly flared and scalloped rim. There is one continuous scene around the mugs. The familiar Canton mugs are all straight sided, have twisted handles and are sturdy and heavy. The first pictures shown here are from a private collector. The single last picture shown is from Jane Wilson's 1977 booklet on page 25. Another picture of a shaving mug is in Herbert Schiffer's book, page 128 but, he does not label it as a shaving mug. His given dimensions are: 5 1/4" in diameter by 3 3/4" high.

MUGS (Twisted Handle, Straight Sided)

Mugs are a very desirable and popular Canton form. They are all straight sided, have twisted handles, unglazed bottoms, no decoration inside, sturdy and heavy. They should not be confused with straight sided, light weight cups or the very rare loop handle, bulbous sided, slightly scalloped and flared rim shaving mug.