Also Called :

Dinner Plates-10″

Rarity :


Age :

Late 19th Century-Early 20th Century

Price Range :


Dimensions :

Left to Right:

10 1/8″ diameter x 1 1/4″ high

10 1/4″ diameter x 1 1/4″ high

Weight :

Both:  1 lb. 2 oz.

Provenance :

Both:  1989

Availability :


Description: These large Dinner Plates are unusual and scarce. They are made of thin porcelain and are quite light weight which indicates a late manufacturing date. Some of similar composition are marked “CHINA” but, these are not. They should not be confused with the earlier 10″ dinner plates that are heavier and sturdier.

They range in diameter from 10 1/8″ to 10 1/4″ and range in height 1 1/8″-1 1/4″. The 2 dinner plates pictured are a representative sample. These late plates have glazed bottoms and rain cloud borders.

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