Also Called :

Dinner Plates

Rarity :


Age :

Late 19th Century-Early 20th Century

Price Range :


Dimensions :

Left to Right:

9 5/8″ diameter x 3/4″ high

10″ diameter x 1″ high

Weight :

Left to Right:

1 lb. 1 oz.——–1 lb. 6 oz.

Provenance :

Left to Right:

Skinner’s Auction, Bolton, MA-1988

James Julia, Fairfield, ME.-1988

Availability :


Description: These late Dinner Plates are fairly common although perfect condition ones are scarcer. They range in diameter from 9 3/8″ to 10″ and from 3/4″ to 1 1/4″ high. If they were deeper (1 1/2″+) they would be considered soup bowls. The 2 plates pictured are a representative sample. All of these late dinner plates have glazed bottoms, are made of thinner porcelain and have straight-line borders.

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