Also Called :

Mustard Pots, Mustard Jars

Rarity :

Very Rare

Age :

Mid 19th century

Price Range :


Dimensions :


Diameter of the tops:  3″

Diameter of pot rims:  2 5/8″

Total height:  3 1/4″

Height of bottoms are:  2 1/4″

Diameter of the bottom’s bases:  2″

Weight :

Both: 6 oz.

Provenance :

Herbert Schiffer, PA-1968 Celeste Koster, NY-1968

Availability :


Description:  Mustard pots are quite rare and seldom seen. They are very similiar to Syllabub cups but there are differences. They both have berry knobs, twisted handles and glazed bottoms. Note: later Syllabubs have a ball knob and a loop handle. The most notable difference is a 1/2″ wide hole in the top’s rim for the mustard spoon. See the last picture to see the spoons in the pots. Another difference is the tapered sides of the pots compared to bulbous sides on the Syllabubs.

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