Also Called :

Hexagonal Tea Caddies, Canisters

Rarity :

Very Rare

Age :

Early to Mid 19th Century

Price Range :


Dimensions :

3″ wide x 4 3/4″ long x 6 3/4″ high

Weight :

Total Weight: 1 lb. 3 oz.—–Top: 2 oz.—–Bottom: 1 lb. 1 oz.

Provenance :

Herbert Schiffer, PA-1966

Availability :


Description:  A very rare Canton piece. It has 2 flowers on top of the base. The rest of the caddy has the typical Canton scene and the rain cloud border only appears around the top. The caddy has 6 corner feet. Note: as many tea caddy tops have been broken or lost, their presence adds considerably to the caddy’s value. This caddy’s top is unglazed on the inside and fits over an unglazed throat. Some caddies have glazed throats and glazed insides of the tops. Be careful when you buy tea caddies that they match in this regard.

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