Also Called :

Drum Shape Teapots, Cylindrical Teapots

Rarity :


Age :

Mid to Late 19th Century

Price Range :

$300-$600. (Depending on size)

Dimensions :

Left to Right:

5 1/8″ diameter x 5 3/4″ tall

4 1/4″ diameter x 5 1/8″ tall

Weight :

Left to Right:

Total Weight:  2 lbs. 5 oz.;  Top:  2 oz.;  Bottom:  2 lbs. 3 oz.

Total Weight:  1 lb. 2 oz.;  Top: 1 oz.;  Bottom: 1 lb. 1 oz.

Provenance :

Left to Right:

James Julia Auction, Fairfield, ME-1988

Carlsen Gallery Auction, NY-2014

Availability :


Description:  Canton Tea, Coffee and Chocolate Pots make up a confusing world in defining the many, many variations to be found. Therefore, we have listed all of them under “Teapots”. Designations that have come into common useage such as “Censor”, “Dome-Top”, “Lighthouse” will be used as well as physical descriptions such as “Drum Shape” and “Pear Shape”. In buying any teapot make sure the top fits well.

Drum shaped teapots come in two different styles: curved spouts and straight spouts. We are discussing the curved spout ones here. Here we have two fairly late, large and small sized, drum/cylindrical shaped teapots with the curved spouts. The larger has a late, clunky twisted handle and a poorly formed berry knob. The smaller teapot has a better twisted handle and a good berry knob, we feel it is earlier than the larger teapot. The larger teapot is also poorly decorated, has large blue dots and the rain cloud border was done hastily. The smaller is more finely painted. The round tops fit into inset rims. The bases have rims and are glazed. Note: the larger teapot has one continuous Canton scene, the smaller has 2 separate scenes.

We believe the earliest drum pots were the ones with straight spouts as they were consistenly finely decorated and the knobs and handles were more carefully formed.

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